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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Student Work in Spike and Mike's new show!

Spike in Annecy


Pete Millard, second year BA student, has been talent spotted by Spike, (of the famous Spike and Mike twisted films duo), who has selected his film Bluuuurgh! to be screened in the all new Spike and Mike programme of films shortly to be screened in San Diego :

Spike of Spike and Mike announces a whole new dimension of his Animation Film Festival. Spike is bringing a rebooted Festival to San Diego Comic-Con. This is not your 20th Century Festival but a whole New Generation Animation. Getting back to the roots of the original Spike and Mike’s Animation Festival this show will have sophisticated, humor innovative and brilliant films including award winning films as well as new outstanding student shorts.

Spike & Mike @ San Diego Comic-Con
Friday, JULY 24

Double Faeture!!
First screening: "New Generation Animation" about 10:00 start
Second Screening: "Sick & Twisted" about 11:00 start

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