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Friday, June 20, 2008

ANNECY 2008!

Annecy 08 turned out to be a fruitful affair...23 students braved the variable weather in the Belvedere - campsite of choice for the last 5 years.

Some excellent films programmed including 'Operator' by Matthew Walker, our Newport Animator in Residence film from 2007, plus 'Keith Reynolds can't make it Tonight' by Felix Massie, 2007 graduate.

The students made use of the surgeries and attended conferences - feedback from which was all very good.

This was the second year that we've run a stand at the Mifa Market, and we attracted a lot of interest - both for recruiting graduates and giving them a chance to display work internationally, and for attracting new students.

Not many Photos this year - too busy rushing around! I've thrown in a couple from last year for good measure...

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