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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Royal Television Society Student Awards 2006

t.o.m. won the Best Undergraduate Animation award at this years' RTS Student Awards ceremony at the Barbican Centre, London last week. Although Newport has dominated the regional RTS Student Award for Best Animation for the last 6 years, this is our first National success!

Tom and Dan were there to collect their awards in person. Also from the International Film School Wales nominated for Best Undergrade Factual was Murray Mints & Paw Prints by Iain Paterson & Kurt Williams.

What the judges had to say:

“… a very short, beautifully drawn animation with a really very haunting story, of quite some psychological depth. It’s an unusual, indeed singular piece of work that stays in one’s memory. The sensitivity of the art work, the strange, vaguely Asperger’s syndrome fastidiousness of the voice-over and the quite startling ending suggest a pair of film makers who really have a lot to say for themselves…”
Tim Vaughan

More info here

Since the last post, t.o.m. has also received:

Aspen Shortsfest 2007:
Special Jury Award

Wood Green International Short Film Festival 2007:
Best Animation

On another note, congratulations to Garth and Johnny with Mystery of Pig City making the Official Selection at Anima Mundi 2007.

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dan gray said...

Oh my god, that's an amazing picture. There were birds in there, BIRDS! INDOORS! London is amazing!